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Ping An Insurance offers Singapore clients investment services更多>>
China and Russia have already achieved results in their pragmatic economic and trade cooperation sticking to the principles of mutual equality and mutual benefit, the ambassador said. 2020-09-7
The money will also go on exports and imports of key components and international logistics bases. 2020-09-22
The cupping service costs Qiu 30 yuan (. 2020-09-3
Fischers anchors were also used in high-speed rail tunnels between Guiyang and Guangzhou. 2020-09-6
A girl is attracted by sculpture works during a creative sculpture exhibition held in Hong Kong, south China, Nov 14, 2012. 2020-09-19
46 trillion yuan, with exports up 9 percent and imports up 19. 2020-09-9
In Shanghai, the air traffics busy hours will last between 8 am to 12 pm and between 3 pm to 7 pm on Saturday, reducing air traffic capacity by 65 percent. 2020-09-12
However, it represented a decline of just 7 percent in total gold ETF holdings over the period. 2020-09-14
Synchronize actions to soften the blow: China Daily editorial更多>>
The shooting happened at sea 164 nautical miles southeast of Taiwan on May 9, when Philippine Coast Guard officers shot and killed 65-year-old Taiwan fisherman Hung Shih-Cheng, according to Taiwans coast guard authority. 2020-09-16
Nearly 6,000 were held in these sectors, according to the top procuratorate. 2020-09-22
In the Chinese culture, 12 years form a zodiac cycle. 2018-4-7
An advertisement about Beijings tourism sites and its 72-hour visa-free policy were shown on PATH trains between New York and New Jersey from Nov 18 to Dec 17. 2016-12-9
No measures will be taken against our military facilities in Crimea during that time. 2016-3-12
NYU applied in 2011 and the Shanghai campus was approved last year. 2015-1-13
It then upgraded the warning from blue to yellow at 2 pm, hiking it even higher to orange at 6:30 p. 2019-11-14
The cities between the two categories are expected to meet the standards by 2020. 2015-12-12
Cambodian migrants look through grills of a truck as they wait to cross the Thai-Cambodia border at Aranyaprathet in Sa Kaew June 15, 2014.
The notification was issued by five government bodies, including the Beijing Public Security Bureau and Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, on March 31.
The statement by the China Food and Drug Administration (CDFA) says that companies may resume production after certification.
5 million registered students.
In the statement on Friday, the Philippine side claimed that a Philippine warship stranded near the reef has served as a permanent installation since 1999 in response to Chinas occupation of Meiji Reef in 1995.
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Provincial authorities have declared a state of emergency in all the three major hospitals in Peshawar and also in neighboring Nowshera district to facilitate the injured people.  MARRAKECH, Morocco - Bayern Munich resisted the pressure of fanatic home crowds and beat the host side Raja Casablanca 2-0 on Saturday to win the FIFA Club World Cup for the first time.
This is an already significant volume for a bank that will have completed only six years at end of the period covered by the strategy of the bank, said Batista.  Cui Hongjian, director of the department for European Studies at the China Institute of International Studies, said the brief interval between Xis message and the phone conversation mirrors the strong readiness shared by both sides to establish a good working relationship between the two leaders quickly and to manage a smooth transition of the ties.
Traditional techniques preserved at centuries-old shipyard更多>>
China is most popular destination for those seeking to study in AsiaThe number of students studying in China from countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road has increased greatly under a series of preferential policies, education officials said. 2016-4-17 
Tablets have been introduced into classrooms, which is believed to have helped improve computer proficiency. 2015-7-30 
The new move was hailed by Huang Liang-yu, a businesswoman from Kaohsiung in Taiwan, who said it will allow more mainlanders to know about the life and culture of Taiwan. 2017-1-16 
He said that many Western countries such as the US and UK provide internship opportunities for foreign students, and China should follow suit. 2019-5-7 
Local farmers work at home during the busy season. 2017-8-10 
The anti-tumor drug recommended by his doctor was priced around 23,500 yuan (,777) per box at that time and he needed to take one box a month. 2018-3-1 
As the worlds second-largest economy, China has huge potential in the robot market, which is prompting more foreign and domestic companies to invest in the sector, he said. 2016-10-19 
  Highlights of Chinese players at Austn Open day 4更多>>
Daimler said the two companies signed an agreement on the occasion of Chinese President Xi Jinpings state visit to Germany on Friday. 2015-9-1 
File photo of Chinese bronze sculptures of rat and rabbit heads at the National Museum of China, Beijing, July 18, 2013. 2017-8-2 
Because there is a gap between the limited number of supervising officers and the mountain of tasks, we are trying to come up with new measures, Gu Zhenhua, deputy director of the administration, said on Thursday. 2018-4-22 
Steering control can be maintained because the vehicle will revert to manual steering, but greater driver effort would be required at low vehicle speeds, which could increase the risk of a crash, GM said in a statement. 2016-8-3 
The train is a substitution that remains on standby for the running bullet trains. 2016-11-10 
Pratt said air pollution was clearly playing a role, as were smoking, unhealthy diets and obesity. 2019-9-6 
And they also have to know where to find the right talent. 2016-11-1 
Multipronged approach to disruptive drones needed更多>>
5cm to a towering 8cm), the brands heels can also be personalised. 2015-11-10 
Most brands are now focusing on renovation, relocation and operational improvements for domestic customers, said Bruno Lannes, a Bain partner in Greater China. 2018-9-1 
Although many anonymous calls such as these result in no serious consequences, they still pose a security threat to aviation and leave a psychological scar on the passengers, Li said. 2017-7-10 
The whole project involved 110,000 builders made up of soldiers and local residents. 2016-4-20 
Already on sale in the Chinese market are the MKZ, the MKC, the MKX and the Navigator. 2016-10-22 
76 million by 5 pm on Oct 2, according to the China National Tourism Administration. 2017-4-20 
The SPC ordered courts across the country to fight corruption and eliminate black sheep so that there are no similar events in future. 2015-7-22 
We are also sending a message domestically to our politicians about supporting foreign research collaboration now that a survey result showed 95 percent of Canadians support international research, and that we ought to do more in this regard, he said. 2019-11-6 
  2,800 stray cats on the way to be slaughtered saved更多>>
The ancient tomb, located in Xian, Shaanxi province, was robbed by five people in the early morning of Aug 10. 2015-8-28 
Zhang is a senior consultant with the Center for China and Globalization, a Beijing-based think tank. 2019-8-3 
The anti-graft campaign has been enhanced recently in the public security sector. 2019-11-30 
The number of families who adopted orphans was down 10. 2019-7-15 
The surgery lasted five hours and the teenager recovered well. 2019-7-3 
Village head holds marriage-like funeral, 18 take part in kissing competition, officials punished over travel junkets2,000 mourners, 400 dishes at funeralMore than 2,000 mourners were served 400 dishes by a village chief at the funeral of his father in Kunming, Yunnan province, on July 3. 2016-1-13 
Taiwan military vessels take part in a joint marine drill with coast guard patrol vessels in waters off southern Taiwan, May 15, 2013. 2017-9-27 
The main production of iron and steel in Shijingshan in Beijing district stopped officially on January 13, 2011. 2019-7-9 
6,800 Chinese rural students to receive free undergraduate medical education更多
China cuts non-residential natural gas price更多
  According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 published by the World Economic Forum, the US ranks 16th in quality of overall infrastructure, 15th in quality of rail system and 16th in quality of its roads. The government brought in training agencies in June to prepare residents for a diverse range of fields, from lawyers to tea-makers, Liu said. For example, the one-day entrance fee (including bus service) for Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve in Sichuan province is 310 yuan (. After two years practice, she lost 20kg, which she never thought was possible. A month later, he got a high fever and sought medical attention.
  Contact the writers at chengyingqi@ and wangqingyun@. The thought-association boggles the mind. The key question, however, is what those measures should be. Sansha, home to about 1,000 residents, was set up in July last year to administer about 2.